In the words of my faithfuls

Are you looking for a stone cold Mistress in a medieval dungeon who wears a PVC armour? Well, look elsewhere.
If, on the other hand, you are looking for a genuine, competent, empathetic, beautiful Domme who will take you on a journey made of pure sensations and pleasure you have found the right person.
She’s a Sorceress and she will cast a spell on you … and you will want to please and serve her.
The level of empathy and connection she’s able to build within minutes is unmatched in my experience.
On top of that, she genuinely is into the scene and enjoys it a lot (you can clearly tell she’s no faking anything).
A true gem in a ocean of so called Mistress.
The bad part is now I’m hooked, so I’m already thinking when to book again!

Simone, May 2019

It was a fantastic, unforgettable and unique experience with this fascinating mistress. Domina Arazatah combines pristine beauty with natural authority and playfulness with delicious kinkiness. She is a very sensuous mistress and so generous with letting her slaves worship her divine body. Most of all, she is absolutely genuine, personable and open, reads your perverted mind with respect and astounding empathy, and makes sure that the session at all times is both intense and fun and exactly the right mixture of pain and pleasure. From the moment I knelt down at her beautiful feet I was firmly in subspace, and the way Arazatah combined skilled domination with physical closeness was simply superb. I have been to many mistresses over the years, but Mistress Arazatah is the first who has a pile of books on bdsm on her table beside her many toys, and she is as much of an expert in administering the latter as she is a great person to talk about the former. I am especially into footworship and facesitting, and her feet and butt are truly those of a Goddess. I already crave again to be subjected to her very special, wonderful form of sensuous domination.

slave ferdinand

I have been into the BDSM scene for quite a few years. Recently I found myself having to find a new Mistress. This is no easy task as there are a large number out there or so it would seem. My experience has shown that many so-called Mistresses are not what they claim to be. When I first contacted Mistress Arazatah, I was immediately impressed by the way she explored my interests and discussed her own in a very open, relaxed and honest manner. No surprise then that we arranged a session. When I arrived at her very convenient location in West London, she immediately made me feel welcome. I can assure you Arazatah is even more impressive in the flesh than in the excellent photos on her website. She set about making me feel relaxed but soon began to put me firmly in my place as she explored her new object. As our session developed she introduced new experiences, each of which built up to a truly beautiful mix of pain and pleasure. Mistress Arazatah shows that she is genuinely into the scene and enjoys it. Above all she ensures that she connects with your inner passions and desires. That is unlike many so-called Mistresses out there. Most of them are not interested in forming any Mistress/slave ‘connection’ which I believe is an important element. Mistress Arazatah certainly does. She does so in a very entrancing and engaging way which delivered the best session I have had for years! I will be sure to return!

slave Bill, November 2018

There are many different mistresses. Some like to shout and hurt, some are like lingerie models, and some have rooms full of toys. Arazatah is her own unique flavour. Her website and photos are accurate and honest. She’s an hourglass figure with a memorable face that can be stern or break into an enthusiastic smile. She speaks four languages and has lots of degrees. You’ll quickly find yourself undressed and on your knees, and you better take seriously her desire that you worship her feet. If you do so properly, you may get rewarded with a new experience: a real Mistress who’s actually sweet and gentle. A session with Arazatah isn’t about the equipment or about being abused, it’s a personal connection with a kinky and aggressive Italian girl who will enjoy your attentions. I left with a smile, feeling content, a little bit transformed. Arazatah is a wonderful kinky hairy escort in London and I will absolutely meet with her again.


Alex, July 2018

Arazatah is not a traditional mistress, the session was in her apartment and not a dungeon, she did not shout or swear, but there was no doubt that she was in control. The pictures on her website barely do her justice – when she opened the door, she looked as if she had just come from a photoshoot – I would have dropped to me knees right there if she had asked. I only provided her with a short paragraph to describe my fantasies, but she knew intuitively what to do with me. She made me strip and kneel, and when she looked into my eyes and touched me I knew I would do anything for her, and she knew it too. When she spat in my face I was in love. I had asked her to hurt me and she did not disappoint, but she was gentle too. I do not have a foot fetish, but she made me want to please her, and it was indeed a pleasure to massage her feet. I believe she enjoyed it too.

John, May 2018

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